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Dr Zoe Poole

– Clinical Psychologist
– EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner
– Chartered Member of British Psychological Society

Dedicated to understanding and resolving difficulties

It is understandable that current and past events impact on emotions and behaviours, sometimes many years after events. Part of my role as a psychologist is to work with you to develop an understanding of the reasons for these difficulties, identify the effective therapy for you in order to develop your confidence to cope and resolve difficulties. This includes understanding what is important to you and find ways to live your life alongside those values (for example relationships, work, interests, friendships) rather than the problems standing in your way.

I am a Clinical Psychologist and an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) Europe Accredited Practitioner with extensive training and experience both in the NHS and private practice to enable me to offer a range of research-based therapies for a range of difficulties that you may be experiencing.

I offer therapy via videolink and my clinic is based in Reigate, Surrey.


From where my mental health was when we started to work together to where I feel now having been discharged, it is no exaggeration to say it feels life changing.

Zoe is a fantastic professional. She clearly has a deep understanding and love of her discipline, always able to pull up from memory various facts, theories, and information. Further, she can explain these in lay terms and with an empathetic manner – her consultation room (be it actual or virtual) really is a safe space because of this. Finally, it’s clear Zoe genuinely cares for her patients – which at a very vulnerable time of our lives is overwhelmingly the most important thing.

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