A friend recommended Zoe to me after I had discussed a long history of anxiety. I had tried some therapies before. All has been helpful but none has left me feeling like I had dealt with the core of whatever was causing my anxiety. I had learnt strategies to cope but I didn’t feel much better deep down. I approached my first session with Zoe with some trepidation. I lacked faith in the process as I expected it to result in a similar outcome. I’d scratch the surface but continue to battle with something deeper. Zoe put me at ease and I kept an open mind. I cannot relay how happy I am as a result of EMDR. There were challenging times when the floodgates opened. However a weight was lifting, a tension was leaving my body, and I felt so much better for it. I have learnt so much about myself and the underlying thoughts and feelings that hold me back. I have released long held, unhelpful ideas. I feel so much healthier, lighter, happier. My inner confidence is returning and the EMDR under Zoe’s guidance has made all the difference.

I was very fortunate to receive such a high level of care from Dr Poole in my transition from the military back to civilian life, that I had not found easy. After finding it difficult to communicate and trust others I felt very safe and secure in the sessions I had with her, that enabled me to process what I needed to in order to move forward.

Having been diagnosed with cancer, it took the shock of the effects/trauma of chemotherapy and the cancer to drive me to a very difficult/traumatic time of my life, Dr Poole scooped me up from a desperate and seemingly impossible situation. Because my illness requires constant monitoring from many health professionals, the ongoing psychological support has been invaluable in my ongoing care and with preparation for when treatment is next required.

Dr Poole has managed to help me re process past treatment and trauma, also giving me useful skills and support to a point that I have a spread of tools to cope with the constant challenges of living with my cancer and impending treatments in the future.

Dr Poole very quickly determined all the issues I was facing and provided me with all the necessary tools to deal with them. I cannot recommend her highly enough for her immediate understanding of the issues involved and her empathetic approach.